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RasestuKi Kiraigo by Rollster007 RasestuKi Kiraigo by Rollster007
Here's my first original mech for the Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Endless frontier EXCEED, KNOWN AS THE Rasetsuki Kiraigo, and it modeled after the shura god Agares and based on the Kirin.

BIO: The Rasetsuki Kiraigo is of the most ancient and most powerful Rasetsuki in the History of Hakoku, approximately 1000 years old. Little is known about its origin, but some said that it was created by a man with the haki and aspect of a dragon. Which is why this particular rasetsuki requires the haki of a dragon, a rare form of haki that exists in the land of Hakoku, which is why it chooses its own master making it a truly sentient machine. It is very fast and agile and possesses strength that even rivals the Arkwon. Very few has seen due to its encounter rate to be very rare. It is the first rasetsuki to have it own martial arts style known as the Ryuuma ki ken (竜馬機拳 dragon horse machine fist).

Normal Attacks
竜馬機弾幕蹴(Ryuuma ki Danmaku shuu lit.Dragon horse machine Barrage Kick) Kicks the enemy multiple times, then sends him flying with one sky uppercut)
竜馬機双破輪転(Ryuuma ki Souha Rinten lit. Dragon horse machine double breaker wheel) Attacks the foe rapidly from left to right, then finishes him with a powerful push
竜馬機百裂拳 (Ryuuma ki hyakuretsu Ken lit. Dragon Horse machine hundred crack fists) Punches the foe two times, throw him via sommersault, punches him 100 time and finishes him with one punch.
竜馬機幻千殺 (Ryuuma Ki Gensen Satsu Dragon horse machine Illusion thousand Deathblow) charges at the enemy, send him flying, kick him back to the ground, punch him 998 times, send him flying, and finishes him with one powerful kick
Multiple Overdrive
竜馬機殺到 (Ryuuma ki Sattō Dragon horse Stampede) Channels its haki, then summons fire kirins to attack the enemy then finishes them off with one uppercut.

Note* The majority of its attacks are inspired by the shura god Agares.

SRT Endless Frontier©Banpresto, Namco Bandai.
13thLoneFox Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015  Student Digital Artist
In super robot tasien their is an dragon/tiger god mech
DemoNaruto88 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013
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